Newswire: AMC invites Chris Hardwick to also effuse about Better Call Saul

Chris Hardwick’s post-show gabfest empire continues to expand—the comedian and Nerdist currently bonds with fellow The Walking Dead fans on Talking Dead, and he figuratively held viewers’ hands during the final season of Breaking Bad while hosting Talking Bad. Now Deadline reports that Hardwick has been tapped to entertain theories about Slippin’ Jimmy on Talking Saul, the live aftershow that will air on AMC after Better Call Saul. It won’t be nearly as demanding a gig as Talking Dead, as Hardwick will only gather with celebrity friends to gush about Saul Goodman following Better Call Saul’s season premiere and finale. Hardwick’s guests for the premiere of Talking Saul will be series star Bob Odenkirk and creators/executive producers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. Season two of Better Call Saul premieres February 15, which is also when you can expect to see Hardwick laud the show …

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