Newswire: Amazon wants to protect your Alexa history from being subpoenaed

A common misstep in a lot of murders is when the killer looks up something incriminating on the internet like “how to hide body,” “how to kill wife and get away with it,” or “how to erase search history.” Investigators always find this stuff, because the first thing anyone does while looking through someone else’s home is check their internet search history. But that’s not the only technological tool that modern law enforcement officials have. According to a Vice report, prosecutors in an Arkansas murder case are actually hoping to use a suspect’s Amazon Echo device to find evidence, but Amazon itself is pushing back.

The case centers around a man named James Bates who was having a party at his home one night in November of 2015. The next morning, he called the police to say that one of his guests—a man named Victor Collins …

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