Newswire: Amazon orders I Love Dick pilot from Transparent’s Jill Soloway

Doubling down on the goose that laid the Golden Globes, Amazon is ordering another pilot from Jill Soloway, the creator of its critically beloved Transparent. The new half-hour comedy series is titled I Love Dick, based on Chris Kraus’ 1997 novel of the same name, about a married couple that becomes mutually obsessed with an enigmatic media professor (as one does).

Seemingly serving up the same blend of high-brow intellectualism, personal foibles, and deep-seated neuroses that have marked much of Soloway’s creative output—one of her first big jobs in the industry was working as a writer and producer for HBO’s Six Feet UnderI Love Dick is one of a few projects the Emmy-winning director is currently attached to. She’s also finishing up production on a webseries, The Skinny, with online filmmaker Jessie Kahnweiler, and was tapped recently to lead an MTV show about a pair …

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