Newswire: Amanda Waller takes control in this Suicide Squad: Most Wanted exclusive

To capitalize on the increased profile of the Suicide Squad following the release of the team’s summer blockbuster film, DC Comics has been putting out the Suicide Squad: Most Wanted miniseries spotlighting various members of the villainous group. El Diablo is the connective tissue between issues, appearing in the miniseries-long story by writer Jai Nitz, artist Cliff Richards, and colorist Hi-Fi, making the fiery ex-con the target of both the global peacekeeping organization Checkmate and Amanda Waller’s newest Suicide Squad.

Nitz, who created this current version of El Diablo a decade ago, has crafted a plot that delves deep into Chato Santana’s character and the legacy of the El Diablo name, and Richards has pushed himself to explore more unconventional layouts in his artwork, finding exciting ways to visually depict Nitz’s script. Each issue of Suicide Squad: Most Wanted splits its page count between El Diablo …

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