Newswire: A&M Records is suing a recording studio for control of the Temple Of The Dog master tapes

As reported by The Seattle Times (via Rolling Stone), A&M Records—the label behind early ‘90s super-grunge band Temple Of The Dog—is suing the co-founder of London Bridge Studios to get control of the master tapes for Temple Of The Dog’s self-titled (and only) album. Temple Of The Dog—which was made up of Chris Cornell and everybody who is now in Pearl Jam—recorded the album in 1990 with London Bridge owner Rick Parashar. It was a flop at first, because nobody had realized how dreamy Eddie Vedder was and Pearl Jam hadn’t released Ten yet. Once it started to take off (thanks to its huge single, “Hunger Strike”), though, Rick Parashar agreed to sell the master tapes and all associated rights to the band for $35,000. A&M took control of them at some point after that, but now it has realized that London Bridge …

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