Newswire: “Alt-Right” trolls boycott Netflix because they’re scared of Dear White People

Yesterday, Netflix premiered the trailer for Dear White People, a series based on a film that was released in 2014 and doesn’t seem to have made much of an impact on the world’s supply of white people either way. But since the online communities who like to call people “sensitive snowflakes” are also big into projection, trollish ”alt-right” types who frequent 4chan’s /pol/ board and Reddit’s r/the_donald (where else?) are freaking the fuck out about the trailer, calling for white people to #BoycottNetflix over the company’s brazen act of “anti-white discrimination” and “white genocide,” i.e., acknowledging the existence of people of color in its customer base.

Like most right-wing boycotts, the only ones who are being punished here are the boycotters themselves, who now will never know how The Santa Clarita Diet ends. And Netflix makes a point of not releasing ratings for …

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