Newswire: All hail Taylor Swift, one of Fortune magazine’s World’s Greatest Leaders

Fortune has released its list of “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders,” where CEOs, religious figures, and heads of state rub virtual elbows in online adulation. The list is an eclectic collection of pop culture figures and political luminaries, with Fortune editor Geoff Colvin describing the criteria for selection as, “Do they have followers? If so, they’re leaders.” Given her 55 million Twitter acolytes, then, it’s not wholly surprising that the first female name on the list, coming in just behind Pope Francis and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, is that of pop music juggernaut Taylor Swift. Of course, for dedicated Swift watchers, this upward vault into the stratospheres of power isn’t much of a shock: the singer’s totalitarian goals have never been a secret. After all, the proletariat pop star named her latest hit album 1989, which math tells us is George Orwell’s 1984 …

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