Newswire: Alicia Silverstone doesn’t really get the big deal over Wonder Woman

Before it even hit theaters nationwide, Wonder Woman was inspiring (or provoking) a lot of strong reactions, both positive and negative. Now that it’s out, the responses remain pretty intense, whether they’re marveling at the woman-led superhero film, or trying to make a federal case of the woman-only screenings. But at least one person doesn’t quite understand what all the fuss is about. In an interview with Variety, Alicia Silverstone proved she was unfazed by the so-called “Wonder Woman effect.” For her, woman-led films are old hat.

Silverstone was promoting her new TV Land series, American Woman, along with her costar, Mena Suvari. The sitcom centers on a single mom (Silverstone), who’s struggling to raise her kids, but gets by with a little help from her friend (Suvari). American Woman is the latest in TV Land’s woman-led comedies, following Hot In Cleveland, which is presumably …

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