Newswire: Alicia Keys, Usher, Jimmy Fallon go Broadway for The Hamilton Mixtape

Even though celebrities flock to see it, Hamilton has not yet engaged in the kind of stunt casting that’s all over Broadway these days. But Lin-Manuel Miranda—now a bona fide, SNL-hosting famous person himself—has found a way to get stars involved with The Hamilton Mixtape. Today, Miranda announced that the album, which consists of covers of the show’s songs and demos that didn’t make the final cut, will be available for preorder Friday.

Hello hello hello!
Been working on a mixtape for years.
It’s finished.
You can pre-order it TOMORROW.#HamiltonMixtape

— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) November 3, 2016

He also released some information about the artists involved. Usher’s taking on Aaron Burr’s big number “Wait For It,” Alicia Keys is doing her best Eliza on “That Would Be Enough,” John Legend becomes George Washington for “History Has Its …

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