Newswire: Alex Ross Perry is adapting Don DeLillo’s The Names for film

Don DeLillo’s 1982 novel The Names has been optioned for a film adaptation, Variety reports. The thriller weaves together interconnected stories about American expats in Greece who encounter a language cult that is somehow connected to a string of murders. Despite the fact that investigating cult murders has become a clichéd rite of passage for most Americans on their first trip abroad, The Names is critically praised and has been optioned by director Alex Ross Perry.

DeLillo is a prolific writer, but the sole feature-adaptation of his work to date is David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, which starred Robert Pattinson as a billionaire who takes the world’s weirdest trip to a barber shop. Perry’s resume includes Impolex, a riff on Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow, The Color Wheel, which is influenced by novelist Philip Roth, and the critically lauded Listen Up Phillip, which he also wrote. Meanwhile …

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