Newswire: Alex Jones secretly recorded Megyn Kelly, threatens to release audio

Megyn Kelly’s decision to interview Infowars host and conspiracy theory-loving asshole Alex Jones on her new NBC News show is continuing to look like a huge mistake—mostly due to the fact that Jones has spent years maintaining that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. Earlier this week, as family members of Sandy Hook victims were denouncing Kelly and advertisers began pulling out of her show, Jones himself declared that NBC should cancel the airing of the interview because Kelly was “misrepresenting” his views on Sandy Hook. At the time, Jones was making it look like he was taking a moral stand and defending his right not to have his words misconstrued in an interview, but as he does with everything, Jones has now (metaphorically) ripped off his shirt and taken a dive straight into the deep end.

Tonight, Infowars released a clip of audio that’s apparently …

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