Newswire: Alex Jones’ first day in court went just great

Yesterday, the attorney representing InfoWars host Alex Jones in a custody battle tried to explain that his client’s history of screaming hateful, unhinged nonsense on the air—like, say, that the shooting at Sandy Hook was a hoax, or that the government is run by lizard people who are actively trying to murder American citizens, or about a million casually racist conspiracy theories—was all part of him “playing a character” and being “a performance artist.” If that’s the case, someone probably should’ve told Jones that he only has to play the character when he’s actually doing his show, because the “Alex Jones” character really fucked everything up for Alex Jones the person on the first day of his custody trial.

For starters, Jones filmed a video while driving to court this morning in which he goes on a nearly four-minute rant—not counting stuff that …

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