Newswire: Alex Jones both dismisses and reiterates his Sandy Hook views in Megyn Kelly interview

Tonight, against the wishes of virtually everyone on the planet, NBC aired Megyn Kelly’s interview with Infowars host/chili monster Alex Jones, and as teased by all of the pre-air hype and controversy, they spent a significant portion of the interview talking about Jones’ history of using his show to spread an utterly monstrous conspiracy theory about the Sandy Hook shooting being a hoax. Entertainment Weekly sat through the whole thing, and it says that Jones “initially attempted to backtrack” his Sandy Hook bullshit, but he consistently torpedoed his backtracks by reiterating why he argued that Sandy Hook was a hoax in the first place.

His basic justification was that he was playing devil’s advocate, and that he was simply discussing the possibility that everyone is lying when they say their child or loved one was killed in the shooting, but he prefaced that by admitting that he …

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