Newswire: Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression ends up in newspaper in place of the actual Trump

In an accidental compliment to Saturday Night Live’s makeup department—and Alec Baldwin’s angry, thick-lipped performance—a Dominican newspaper has been forced to apologize after running a picture of Baldwin in place of President Donald Trump. Per Variety, the Dominican Republic’s El Nacional issued an apology today after running a story that paired Baldwin’s impression of Trump with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (The photo is captioned “Donald Trump, president of the United States.”)

Dear El Nacional, Alec Baldwin will be pleased as punch. But let’s hope the Dominican Republic isn’t added to Trump’s banned countries list

— Sharon Gibson (@SharonGibson3) February 10, 2017

El Nacional publicó el viernes como de Donald Trump una fotografía del actor Alec Baldwin…

— ElNacional (@ElNacional_RD) February 11, 2017

The paper was using a source from the …

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