Newswire: Al Roker launching three “shows” with video streaming service Meerkat

Al Roker has always been one of America’s most technologically advanced weathermen, from the great strides he made in being able to see what’s happening in your neck of the woods to the time he pooped his pants at the White House and (presumably) used a Men In Black-style memory eraser to make it so we were all cool with that. Now, according to Variety, he’s taking his high-tech talents to Meerkat, the live-video-streaming app that is not Periscope.

This week, Roker will be launching three new “shows” on Meerkat, though none of them are about weather (or meerkats, for that matter). Instead, the shows will be about cooking, with the first—an interview with Plated CEO Nick Taranto—premiering, well, over an hour ago. So you missed it. In order to actually catch these Meerkat streams, you’ll have to be on Twitter when Roker …

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