Newswire: Agent Carter showrunners sell “sexy revenge drama” to ABC

Dipping into the only form of revenge that’s best served hot, Agent Carter showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters have sold a sexy vengeance thriller to their friends at ABC. Written by playwright and Devious Maids scribe Charise Castro Smith, The Death Of Eva Valdez won’t content itself with mere natural erotic justice, either, with Deadline reporting that the show will also feature a “supernatural twist.” (We’re guessing that means “hey, maybe some ghosts show up,” but who knows, maybe ABC will go out on a limb and bring in something fresh, like a sexy, wise-cracking Loch Ness Monster or something.)

Anyway, the series will mostly concern itself with the lives and deaths of the members of a Cuban-American family “on the rise” in Miami. Presumably, that rise somehow involves the past or future death of the title character, which we‘re going to assume is somehow …

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