Newswire: After these messages, Hulu could be right back with an ad-free option

Why does my Hulu subscription have commercials?” the Hulu Help Center shouts to the heavens, its will finally broken after seeing the same goddamn Trivago ad pop up in four consecutive episodes of Seinfeld. “Many shows on the Hulu subscription include commercials in order to reduce the monthly subscription price of the service,” The Help Center responds, answering its own question with a bit of circular logic before getting into the real meat of the deal: It costs a lot of money to make and license a TV show, and up until very recently, most of that money came from advertising. There’s a very good reason they call it “commercial TV,” a reason Hulu will further illuminate after three video messages from its sponsors.

But that could all change: The Wall Street Journal reports that Hulu is looking into adding an ad-free option to its subscription services. Sources cited …

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