Newswire: After a slow year, Warner Bros. threatens filmgoers with more superhero movies

By contemporary Hollywood metrics, Warner Bros. has had a disappointing year. Of course, by contemporary Hollywood metrics, Avengers: Age Of Ultron was a disappointment because it “only” made half a billion dollars domestically, but still. The studio put out both Pan and Jupiter Ascending this year, and not even the minor commercial and major critical success of Mad Max: Fury Road can compensate for that. And as a punishment for not supporting these flawed-but-original films, next year moviegoers are only going to see the work of one visionary filmmaker at their local multiplex, and that’s Zach Snyder.

Time Warner chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes said as much during a media conference earlier today, where he said that next year, “we’re going to be shifting more to the very numerous number of big franchise film releases.” (As opposed to all those Batman, Harry Potter, and The Hobbit movies it …

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