Newswire: A&E’s taking a real-life Ride Along with police on Live PD

A&E’s Live PD is premiering later this month, and promises to offer viewers a first-hand look at police units out on patrol. According to The Wrap, a combination of police cameras and production crews will embed audiences into the experience of policing urban and rural communities.

While documenting the work of police officers isn’t a new concept, Live PD is introducing some new features to the format. First, as the name indicates, the show purports to be broadcasting footage live, as it happens. To make sense of unfolding events, Live PD will be hosted by ABC chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams along with Dallas detectives Rich Emberlin and Kevin Jackson. The show is structured to move between multiple, simultaneous patrols—presumably to increase the odds that audiences will see something sufficiently interesting, and minimizing live footage of officers responding to car lockouts, inspecting busted fire hydrants, or …

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