Newswire: A&E’s haunted house miniseries to premiere October 9, the spookiest day

As reported by Variety, A&E will be airing a hopefully scary miniseries called The Enfield Haunting in October, despite the fact that it features no storage units or bearded duck-people (as far as we know). What it does have, though, is “a dramatization of events that took place at a northern London home in 1977,” with “extensive documentation, recordings, and witness statements” all presented to try and convince you this is a real thing that happened, and not the invention of some bored British people. Enfield stars Timothy Spall, Juliet Stevenson, and Matthew Macfadyen. The three-part miniseries will premiere on October 9, which Variety helpfully notes will allow Enfield to take “advantage of fans’ love of thrills as it leads up to Halloween.”

A&E also released the following teaser, which is practically a montage of classic horror movie scenes. Still, at least there are no storage units or duck-people in …

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