Newswire: A&E cancels its swingers reality show, tries desperately to feel clean

Ah, the swingers lifestyle. What could be better? A loving spouse, a beautiful home, maybe a couple kids, and an arrangement within your marriage that allows for casual sex with other like-minded, upstanding members of the community. That’s the kind of fun A&E thought they were getting when they greenlit nine episodes of Neighbors With Benefits, a reality show that followed several married couples in a suburban Ohio neighborhood as they swapped partners and occasionally did boring things like have careers and coach their kids’ little league teams.

Well, according to Deadline, it seems as though A&E may have forgotten to clear this new lifestyle adjustment with its significant other before moving forward. The network has canceled the show after just two episodes, and doesn’t seem to have any plans to air the remaining seven. There’s no official reason from A&E on the cancelation, but it’s …

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