Newswire: Adams does Adams as Ryan Adams covers “Summer Of ‘69” live in Nashville

About 13 years ago at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium, Ryan Adams kicked a fan out of his show for jokingly requesting he cover Bryan Adams. Though he gave the fan $30 cash as a refund, he also turned the “hey, their names sound alike” joke into a semi-tense stand-off, insisting he wouldn’t play another note until the fan was escorted from the premises. Fast forward to last night when, at the exact same venue, Adams finally covered Adams, quietly strumming his way through “Summer of ’69,” much to fans’ glee. It’s a move that a lot of onlookers are saying marks the emergence of a kinder, gentler Adams, but one that makes a good deal of sense, and not just because the two dudes have kind of similar names and, as of the past year, seem to be actual friends, with Ryan Adams even covering Bryan Adams’ “Run …

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