Newswire: Adam Scott and Terry Crews to join Rob Huebel on his corpse hunt

Comedians and other performers with shows (or podcasts) regularly invite their friends onto said programs, mostly to do the kinds of things they’d do without cameras or scripts, like get coffee or get loaded. But Rob Huebel’s proffering a slightly more perilous activity to celebrity guests and friends who join him on his Comedy Central pilot for Do You Want To See A Dead Body? The half-hour scripted pilot will see Huebel recreate part of Stand By Me as he “embarks on a bizarre quest/adventure to see a dead body with a different celebrity guest each week.” (We guess the Los Angeles County morgue is already passé).

According to The Wrap, Huebel’s first two guests will be Adam Scott and Terry Crews, who presumably share Huebel’s macabre sense of adventure. That, or they have dead bodies they want to dispose of, and what better way …

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