Newswire: Actually, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s not going to run for Senate

Earlier this month, just before declaring that Donald Trump is probably in love with him, Arnold Schwarzenegger had the nerve to suggest that current politicians and their love for blatantly outrageous gerrymandering was a bad thing that results in nothing but miserable citizens and career politicians who are more loyal to their party than to their constituents. It’s a depressingly radical position for a lifelong Republican like Schwarzenegger to take, and a few days ago we reported that a number of political insiders were suggesting that Schwarzenegger was going to ride this anti-gerrymandering wave (or this “anti-gerrymandering Harrier jet”, since we haven’t made any references to his movies yet) all the way to the U.S. Senate.

It was a weirdly exciting prospect, if only because it would probably drive Trump crazy, but it turns out that even Arnold Schwarzenegger is sick of the political machine these days …

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