Newswire: AC/DC drummer arrested for more dirty deeds of unknown cheapness

Phil Lord—the drummer for AC/DC, not one-half of the writer-director team helming the recently announced Han Solo movie—hasn’t had the best year. In fact, it’s been downright rotten, especially if you consider that he was charged with trying to have a former employee killed. That initial charge was dropped, although he still had to stand trial for threatening to kill that same ex-employee. And now, the musician has been (thunder-)struck with new legal woes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lord has been arrested again, just days after being sentenced to eight months of house arrest.

The drummer was arrested at his New Zealand home on Sunday, after which he was taken not to Hell, but straight to jail instead. His lawyer released a statement saying Lord would be arraigned today, though he did not comment on why his client had been arrested. The police …

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