Newswire: According to Jeff Garlin, there’s a “decent chance” for more Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Television Critics Association can be a receptive audience for new TV programming—but it’s also an organization with a boundless curiosity about old favorites that maybe, just maybe, have some life left in them. In the wake of Joel McHale’s latest statements on the subject, Ken Jeong fielded questions about Community‘s fate while promoting Dr. Ken at the TCA summer press tour, saying “As always with that show, I’m completely in the dark. Fingers crossed for a movie at this point.” One panel later, The Goldbergs‘ Jeff Garlin was asked about the fate of Curb Your Enthusiasm, a series that has a brighter future than Community. According to Garlin, at least.

The comedian told critics there’s a “decent chance” the Larry David-created sitcom could return to HBO, placing the odds at a cautiously optimistic “51 percent.” “Larry David is so goddamn rich, he doesn …

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