Newswire: ABC spins off Bachelor spinoff in endless cycle of spinning off

ABC has announced that it’ll soon be airing a discussion show spinoff of its Bachelor spinoff Bachelor In Paradise, as part of an experiment in Bachelor spinoff recursion, presumably with an eye toward creating a Bachelor-only universe, in which everyone is a “personal trainer” or an “entrepreneur,” and all human interactions are either rose or hot tub-based. The discussion show, After Paradise, will be hosted by Bachelor star Chris Harrison, who’s presided for more than a decade over ABC’s blood-drenched arena of broken hearts, shattered dreams, and occasional charming Amy Schumer appearances. Harrison will be joined by Jenny Mollen, who proved her romantic bona fides by breaking down the brooding walls around David Boreanaz’s tender heart on the final season of Angel.

The hour-long discussion show will air immediately after Bachelor In Paradise, a show where contestants exiled from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are …

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