Newswire: ABC quenches its thirst for Revenge

Like Emily Thorne (née Amanda Clarke) drawing a red “X” over the faces of those who have wronged her, ABC has canceled its Hamptons-set primetime soap Revenge, which will air its series finale on May 10.

Initially praised by critics as a smart, twisty soap, Revenge spiraled into ridiculousness after its second season. Ratings fell as the series lost sight of its simple revengenda and started bringing back the dead one too many times. (Lead revenger Emily VanCamp has also reportedly been looking to expand her film career.) The fourth season certainly has had a sense of finality, especially since the show’s best non-Emily character—Madeleine Stowe’s Victoria Grayson, the demonic succubus of The Hamptons—was recently written off. It’s hard to imagine Revenge without its Queen Victoria, so it’s probably for the best that we won’t have to much longer.

The news comes early …

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