Newswire: ABC pickups meet The Muppets, get a checkup from Dr. Ken, go back to Shondaland

It’s time to raise the curtain / It’s time to light the lights / Nine shows, including The Muppets, got the ABC greenlight.

At the most sensational, Muppet-tational hour of “right before close of business on the West Coast,” the Alphabet released the details on three new comedies and six new dramas that will join its lineup next season.

On the comedy side:

  • The Muppets marks the first primetime series for the Jim Henson-created, Disney-owned characters since 1996’s Muppets Tonight. Headed by Big Bang Theory duo Bill Prady and Bob Kushell (who’ll executive produce alongside Office vet Randall Einhorn and longtime Muppet performer Bill Barretta), the series will take a “documentary-style” look into the lives Kermit The Frog and friends. (Which helps explain the involvement of Einhorn, who helmed more episodes of the American Office than any other director.)

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