Newswire: ABC picks up whistleblower drama Canary

Prison Break producer Zack Estrin has sold Canary to ABC. According to Deadline, the sale is part of a larger deal with the network, and will see Estrin writing the script and overseeing the show as executive producer.

Canary will be a dramatic thriller about the dangerous consequences of whistleblowing. That’s whistleblowing, the act of exposing illegal activities from within an organization; if you’ve been waiting for a gritty drama about the high-stakes world of professional whistling, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Rather, Canary is being billed as “Homeland meets Erin Brockovich,” and follows what happens when a woman ignores significant risks to produce insider information “that will impact the lives of millions.”

Presumably, because this a network thriller, these risks are to her personal safety, and will manifest in the form of voice-modulated calls to her home phone, SUVs with tinted windows tailing …

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