Newswire: ABC picks up dramas about FBI agents, arms dealers, serial killers, prophets, and a family restaurant

ABC has been busy this pilot season, picking up five dramas, including crime dramas from both sides of the law, a Biblical epic, and a “dramedy”—which isn’t a real word, and we refuse to find out what it means.

First, the good guys: Quantico is about a group of “young, sexy” FBI recruits being trained in the titular town, which contains the bureau’s real-life training center. The official description says “one of the recruits turns out to be a terrorist [who] created the most severe terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.” It’s nice to know that the FBI’s background check is limited to determining youth and sexiness, and not, for example, “are you a terrorist (Y/N)?”

Now the bad guys: Runner was originally developed by Fox, and is based on a Turkish series called Son. In the update, a woman learns …

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