Newswire: ABC might make a Muppets series from Big Bang Theory and Anger Management guys

Since the Muppets were re-introduced to the wider pop culture landscape with Jason Segel’s 2011 continuation of the film series, many have wondered if the beloved felt creations would return to their original home on the small screen. Fans have longed for such a day, and while some baby steps in that direction were made recently with a series of shorts airing on the Disney Junior channel, an honest-to-God Muppet show remained a dim hope—that is, until now. Deadline reports that ABC has ordered a presentation for a new pilot starring Jim Henson’s creations, bringing joy to the hearts of Muppets fans everywhere. ABC then immediately set fire to that joy by hiring the co-creators and showrunners of The Big Bang Theory and Anger Management to write the presentation.

The proposition isn’t as horrifying as it may seem, however. After all, Bill Prady, co-creator and …

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