Newswire: ABC is developing a comedy about a widow who runs a car dealership

Deadline reports that ABC is developing a new fish-out-of-water comedy set in rural West Texas—the network snapped up the pitch from Benched co-creator Damon Jones and Bridesmaids co-writer (and nervous flyer) Annie Mumolo. The comedy, called Wheeler Dealer, was inspired by Jones’ sister, a suburban housewife who inherited her husband’s car dealership after his death. The show will see the widow’s cushy life upended by her decision to run the family business, presumably with hilarious results. It’s kind of like the plot of Nurse Betty, if Betty (Renée Zellweger) had stuck around to manage her husband’s dealership instead of entering a fugue state and searching for Greg Kinnear. (Okay, so maybe Aaron Eckhart was actually just a car salesman in Neil LaBute’s film, but ABC isn’t giving us much to go on here.)

No stars are attached yet, but Jones and Mumolo will …

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