Newswire: A woman is suing Ellen DeGeneres for making fun of her name

Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen show has a reputation for being supported entirely by positive vibes, good-natured pranks, and goofy dancing, but a woman from Georgia discovered the dark, vicious underbelly of DeGeneres’ playful persona after the iconic comedian cruelly poked fun at the woman’s name in an episode back in February. The mocking came as part of Ellen‘s “What’s Wrong With These Signs” segment, which involves viewers sending in photos of silly typos, unusual business names, and other funny things that have been sorely absent from TV since Jay Leno gave up The Tonight Show. In this particular episode, a fan sent in a photo of a real estate sign with the name Titi Pierce, which DeGeneres pronounced as “titty pierce”—as in, you know, piercing a titty.

However, the woman’s name is actually pronounced “tee tee,” and she has filed a lawsuit against DeGeneres for “defamation …

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