Newswire: A whole bunch of people—and horses—worked on next week’s Game Of Thrones

Television shows, even those with the soul of an epic poem, generally do not get the kinds of production budgets that feature films do. So, while their showrunners might strive for a sweeping narrative arc, their budgets mandate that a good chunk of that sweep must be kept just off the side of the frame or behind a particularly dense fog bank. Game Of Thrones‘ David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have had the good fortune of receiving larger-than-average budgets for a television show, giving them the opportunity pull out some pretty big stops for past episodes like last year’s “Hardhome.” Even so, it looks like next week’s “Battle Of The Bastards,” the penultimate episode of season six, is going to be massive even by this show’s standards.

We don’t know exactly how much “Battle Of The Bastards” cost, but we do know that the full …

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