Newswire: A tube man finds redemption in Total Babes’ video for “Heydays”

Though it may not be as well known as Cloud Nothings, Total Babes has been kicking around Ohio for just as long. Founded by Cloud Nothings drummer Jayson Gerycz in 2010, the band was an outlet for Gerycz and songwriting partner Christopher Brown to craft pop songs that didn’t fit the stylistic molds of their other bands. On May 19 Wichita Recordings will release the band’s second album, Heydays, and The A.V. Club is premiering the video for the album’s title track below. The video follows the life of a tube man that’s hit a stretch of bad luck, losing its job, its relationship, and nearly everything else in a relatively short timespan. Ultimately finding redemption, the inflatable hero’s journey is soundtracked by the infectious hooks of “Heydays,” which proves that Total Babes’ pop sensibilities have only grown stronger in the time between full-lengths …

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