Newswire: A third Now You See Me movie is in the works, and the title seems obvious

After moving on from their disappointment over the sequel to Now You See Me not being titled Now You Don’t, fans of the movie about bank-robbing magicians imprisoning Morgan Freeman waited for further word. But before its June 10, 2016 release, the less creatively titled Now You See Me: The Second Act will have yet another act to follow it. Variety reports that Lionsgate has begun developing a third installment in the series more than a year before the second one is even due to be released. Meaning, there’s no reason for us to not begin stumping now for our preferred nomenclature for this movie—namely, Now You 3ee Me.

The news was made by Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, who is thus far calling it “Now You See Me 3,” refusing to adopt the obviously superior aforementioned sobriquet. Production has already wrapped on the sequel, and despite earlier …

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