Newswire: A tense world exhales with relief as Ed Sheeran resumes tweeting

Although Ed Sheeran seems to have beaten the odds on Game Of Thrones, emerging from his cameo with his neck intact, his latest foray into acting has still come at a price. After the season-seven premiere on Sunday, the “Shape Of You” singer appeared to have followed through on earlier intimations that he would quit Twitter after suffering years of abuse from trolls, despite posting harmless things about Cadbury Creme Eggs (or, as he calls them, “egg creams”). Various outlets have run with the story, because it looked like those fears had (briefly) been proven true. But because you can’t keep a good fictional soldier down, Sheeran has already returned to the social media platform.

Screenshot: @edsheeran Twitter

Sheeran’s slowly amassing his following once more, though at 674 (and counting), he’s still a ways off from the millions who once made up that list. The Divide artist …

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