Newswire: A Steve McQueen biopic is in the works, Hollywood’s coolest dudes want to play him

Steve McQueen (the dead actor, not the young actor or the director) has often been regarded as one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood history. He was in cool war movies, he was in cool car drivin’ movies, he was in cool motorcycle ridin’ movies, and he drove cool cars and motorcycles in real life. He was so cool, in fact, that modern cool guys are making his cool ideas into (theoretically) cool movies. Now Deadline is reporting that Hollywood is ready for McQueen to get the cool biopic that he has always deserved, and it apparently involves a long-kept secret about McQueen’s life that very few people know.

Lake Forest Entertainment’s Graham Kaye is masterminding this project, and he’s apparently in possession of a journal that McQueen kept before he died in Mexico. In this journal, Kaye says that McQueen reveals some event in his life …

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