Newswire: A sci-fi short starring the late Anton Yelchin is being made into a feature

According to Variety, a well-received sci-fi short called Rise is now being developed into a feature film. The original was made by David Karlak and starred the late Anton Yelchin, and it centered on a very human-like robot being interrogated by a very jerk-like human being in a world where people are rounding up and executing sentient machines. The imagery is so on the nose that it’s less of an allegory about racism than it is literally about racism, racism allegories being on the nose is probably a good thing these days. Plus, one shot in particular looks like a direct nod to The Animatrix, making this one of the first times in a decade that someone has referenced that spin-off project.

The full-length movie version of Rise is coming from producers Brian Oliver and Johnny Lin, and in a statement they mentioned that they’re “extremely excited” to …

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