Newswire: A pop-up shop for Nathan Fielder’s Summit Ice is opening in Vancouver

For fans of Comedy Central’s Nathan For You, there are few items more prized than a Dumb Starbucks hat or a Summit Ice jacket. The former is from one of the show’s most famous segments, and the latter is probably the world’s most popular brand of cold weather gear that also promotes Holocaust awareness. For years, Summit Ice jackets have been available on the brand’s website to anyone willing to spend over $100 on a reference to a TV show, but now Nathan For You host and Summit Ice creator Nathan Fielder is going to set up a Summit Ice pop-up store in Vancouver to raise money for the city’s Holocaust Education Center. On top of that, Fielder will also be donating $150,000 to the center in order to promote “anti-racism education.”

This comes from the Summit Ice website, which also provides a basic …

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