Newswire: A new toy line might reveal who Mads Mikkelsen is playing in Doctor Strange

[Note: The headline should give away that we might be giving away some key character info from Doctor Strange, but here’s another reminder to proceed at your own spoiler risk.]

When Mads Mikkelsen was cast in Doctor Strange last summer, his role was described as a villainous one, though exactly which antagonist he’d be playing was left unsaid. The A.V. Club guessed that Mikkelsen might play Mephisto, who’s basically Marvel’s Satan, and whose ties to Thanos would certainly be helpful in bringing Doctor Strange to the land of the Avengers. But it seemed even more likely that Mikkelsen had nabbed the role of Dormammu, an all-powerful demon (a different one) who’s locked in some eternal struggle against Stephen Strange.

Although casting the erstwhile Hannibal as an ancient evil makes sense, it looks like he’ll have a different part to play in the Strange …

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