Newswire: A new lawsuit alleges Twitter is “eavesdropping” on direct messages

Internet advertising is a mysterious animal. One minute you’re shopping for Three Wolf Moon shirts or Horse Head Masks on Amazon, and the next minute your Facebook is covered in links to websites where you can buy other weird meme garbage. So how does Facebook know you like to buy weird meme garbage? It has something to do with the NSA, we assume, but a new lawsuit is accusing Twitter of using a pretty underhanded way to decide what kind of ads to show you.

That’s according to Mashable, which is reporting that a San Francisco man has filed a class action suit against Twitter alleging that it “surreptitiously eavesdrops” on the direct messages that people send to each other outside of the normal Twitter feed and then gives the information it gathers to advertisers. As Mashable explains, this all supposedly happens when a normal link (its example …

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