Newswire: A new actor is playing an old villain on season two of FX’s Legion

Throughout the first season of Legion, big villain Amahl Farouk (a.k.a. the Shadow King) was played by Aubrey Plaza in a conceit that was never properly explained (was she ever a real person? If not, how did she get killed in that one episode, and if so, why did nobody else know who she was?), but that’s going to change in season two. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wonder Woman‘s Said Taghmaoui has been cast as Farouk in season two of Legion, with FX explaining that the character is a “villain with a thousand faces.” Weirdly, it also goes on to describe his “real form,” saying he’s a fancy dresser with “a thin Clark Gable-style mustache” and “a pair of ornate sunglasses.”

That doesn’t sound much like Plaza’s version of the character or the yellow-eyed demon he typically appeared as when he wasn …

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