Newswire: A medical examiner to hunt serial killer, aliens in The Nye Incidents TV series

In case you secretly wish Temperance Brennan were more of a crackpot, Deadline reports that YRF Entertainment has just optioned a series based on The Nye Incidents, a comic book miniseries about a scientist who finds possible evidence of extraterrestrials. (No word on what this means for the film adaptation of the comic that’s been in development for years.)

The Nye Incidents (which is somehow not just a collection of videos of Bill Nye explaining the science behind baffling current events) is a graphic novel that follows Lynn Devlin, a pragmatic medical examiner who stumbles upon alien abductees while hunting for a serial killer. The story will be told in episodic drama form by YRF’s Uday Chopra, who recently produced the Nicole Kidman dud Grace Of Monaco.

The Nye Incidents was co-authored by A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child scribe Craig Spector and Whitley Strieber …

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