Newswire: A good year for shoegaze fans gets better as Ride announces U.S. tour

Fans of British shoegaze rock from 20 years ago are really receiving an embarrassment of riches in 2015—not only is Swervedriver planning a tour, but now so is Ride. After first announcing that the band was reuniting for a series of live shows, fans in the U.S. were bummed to learn that it only included a single American show in New York City. Since then, however, it seems the band is enjoying its new incarnation enough to add a series of further dates, including festivals, and now a tour that finds Ride winding its way (Ride-ing along? How long into the band‘s existence do you think it was before they banned puns? Ten minutes?) through the East Coast and Midwest.

Starting in mid-September and finishing in early October, the group will bring its signature mix of fuzzed-out noise and rumbling beats to American audiences, who will finally …

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