Newswire: A Game Of Thrones director told President Obama, “[Someone] is deader than dead”

[This article contains spoilers for the fifth season finale of Game Of Thrones.]

Much of the speculation around the latest Game Of Thrones finale hinged on whether fans believed the show’s strident efforts to convince them that partial protagonist Jon Snow was actually dead, struck down as a traitor by his brothers in the Night’s Watch. Despite the lethal nature of life in Westeros, it’s been a little hard for viewers to believe that star Kit Harington is really off the show, especially with his fellow cast mates dropping hints that they don’t think he’s gone for good.

Still, if the show’s creative team is running a hoax, they’ve now taken it to the highest levels of power, with director David Nutter revealing during the show’s Comic-Con panel that President Obama asked him about Snow’s fate during a recent trip to …

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