Newswire: A framed photo of Carl Sagan makes Pharrell very happy

There are three big reasons a musician might make an odd demand in a contractual rider. Either they actually need something to prepare for their performance, they want to show off how powerful they are, or they want to assess the venue. (If the managers remembered to sort out the brown M&Ms, they probably remembered to attend to all the technical details as well.) So when The Smoking Gun found an odd clause in Pharrell Williams’ rider that requests his dressing room come with a framed photo of astrophysicist Carl Sagan, it seemed to fit into one of the latter two categories. Either Williams just wanted to demand something bizarre for the fun of it, or he used Mr. Sagan as a venue competency barometer. It turns out, however, that Williams’ love for Sagan is very, very real.

As The Washington Post points out, Williams has made no secret of …

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