Newswire: A dungeon party assembles in this Scales & Scoundrels exclusive preview

Dungeon crawling is an essential part of the swords & sorcery fantasy genre, and the new Image Comics series Scales & Scoundrels invites readers of all ages to join a group of treasure hunters and warriors as they venture into an ancient labyrinth. But what these characters don’t know if that they’re heading down a path that will take them far beyond that maze, putting the fate of the world in their hands. Written by Sebastian Girner with art by Galaad, Scales & Scoundrels follows Luvander, an orphan “treasure-hunter, adventure-seeker, [and] life-saver.” She’s looking to make a name for herself while getting rich in the process, and she assembles a group of like-minded individuals to brave The Dragon’s Maw with her. The A.V. Club has an exclusive first look at Atlantiz Park’s trailer for the new series, and the French animation studio brings a …

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