Newswire: A deluxe 15-album “Weird Al” box set is coming next year

Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic is undoubtedly one of the most important figures in pop-culture history, as anyone who ever spent time as an 11-year-old novelty music aficionado will tell you. So, it is perfectly fitting for a melodial auteur of his enormous stature to release a 15-album career retrospective for his throngs of adoring fans. Squeeze Box—a box set designed to resemble his signature accordion—will be available digitally, vinyly, and CDishly at some point next year, Vulture reports.

The massive compilation of oddities, parodies, polkas, and pop songs will draw from the 14 studio albums Yankovic recorded over the span of his 33-year career, including his eponymous 1983 debut and his latest release, 2014’s Mandatory Fun. In addition, it will offer an array of rarities and a 100-page supplementary book that will likely be filled with a lot of weirdness. The 56-year-old singer/songwriter/satirist is …

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